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Amazing Ways Video Marketing Enhances YOUR Business…

  • 90% of Online Buyers Say That Product or Service Videos Influence Their Buying Decision
  • After Watching a Video 64% of Users Are More Likely To Buy a Product or Service Online
  • Customers Trust Websites That Have Videos and Are Far More Likely To Become Your Customer
  • Including a Video on a Landing Page Can  Increase Conversion Rates by 80%
  • Companies Using Video Enjoy 41% More Web Traffic From Search Than Non-users
  • Video in an email Leads to 200-300% Increase in Click-through Rates
  • One Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

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We Offer A Wide Variety & Style

Of Videos & ‘Spokespersons’

– in Both US & UK English

To Best Suit Your Business

Customized Videos

Start harnessing the power of online marketing videos.  Create a customized professional video to advertise your business.

To best represent your business, you need a video that truly reflects your company image.

It needs to look great AND bring more business through your doors.

At EMP VideoService we take the time to understand your business and create a custom video that REALLY grabs people’s attention.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Have a video spokesperson who can be integrated into your website in countless ways.

The spokesperson can appear as soon as someone lands on your website, or they can appear as someone goes to leave your website! A great way to capture a potential lead!

Or how about a spokesperson holding a sign featuring your phone number, or even an email opt-in form!

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EMP VideoService Spokesperson

Have A Customized Spokesperson On Your Website in MINUTES!

  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Turn potential leads in to paying customers
  • Appear slick & professional
  • Convey compelling messages and offers

NEW! For 2019!

Do you have a Facebook Business Page promoting your business?

If YES, then stand out from the crowd with a VIDEO HEADER as your Facebook Cover, rather than a boring static single image.

If NO, why not?! You are losing out on getting new leads and engaging with existing customers.

Check the example on the right to see just how DRAMATIC FACEBOOK VIDEO HEADER can be.


EMP VideoService – A Quick Overview

To help you get a better understanding of (some!) of the Video Services we offer, and to help you navigate our site, here is a brief description of what we offer and links to the relevant page:

EMP VideoService HomeSee Our Services listing our wide range of Video Services. These include On-site Videos you should be using on your website, such as Website Pop-Up Avatars and Spokesperson Videos

Dynamic Videos use stunning special effects which will capture and hold the attention of your viewers, such as Dynamic Business Logo VideosDynamic Intro Videos and Dynamic Outro Videos

Promotional Videos are just that. They can promote your business, your products, your seasonal offers – AYTHING! And they can be promoted anywhere. On your site, on social media, in an email marketing campaign … wherever you choose. Examples of Promotional Videos are Cartoon Animation VideosWhiteboard Sketching Videos and Hollywood Blockbuster Videos

For really ‘Cutting Edge Videos’ which will give you a huge advantage over your competitors, check out our Video In Video and Facebook Video Covers Services. They will make your eyes pop and jaw drop!

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