Spokesperson With Still Photo Background

£ 247.00

The Spokesperson With Still Photo Background Video is available in a wide variety of Business Niches and Services.

You can choose between:

  • A US English or UK English Speaking Spokesperson
  • Male or female
  • Choose any image related to your business. For example, your storefront or interior, your workshop, your gym, images of products or services you offer. Whatever.

To secure this offer, please send us the following so we can personalize your video:

  • Your business niche
  • A good quality photo in sharp focus in JPEG or PNG format. Minimum size 1280×720 pixels
  • Custom text. This could simply be the name of your business, a product or service you offer, or a short question such as: ‘Need An Electrician in Dallas?’ 
  • Your business contact details, usually telephone number or email
  • Your preferred spokesperson – male or female
  • Your preferred accent – US English or UK English

Send ALL of  the above to: info@empvideoservice.com

We will then get right to work and send you your UNIQUE CUSTOMIZED VIDEO, asap.